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Are you ready to shake things up a bit? When it comes to marketing to women, Michele and Holly promise to deliver, with lively, interactive, thought-provoking sessions and seminars.

Michele and Holly often present as a team but are also available on an individual basis, depending on your goals and budget. Presentations and seminars range from 60 minutes to two full days, with fees starting at $5000.

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Sample Programs:

“The Soccer Mom Myth: How To Market to Today’s Female Consumer”  (Michele Miller and Holly Buchanan)
Holly and Michele bring the principles from the book to life with humorous stories, real life examples and unexpected insights.

Session Key Points:

 » What do women really want

 » How women process advertising messages differently than men

 » Male vs. female communication style

 » How to market to women without turning off men

 » What marketing mediums are most effective for reaching women

 » How women shop online vs. offline

 » Blogs, word of mouth, email, discussion forums, video and other ways to take advantage of the power of the Internet

 » Should a man or woman create your marketing campaign

 » Personas - how to communicate with and market to different types of female consumers

 » How to shatter stereotypes and really get to know who your female customers are

“The 7 Most Important Things You Should Know When Marketing to Women”  (Michele Miller)
As a marketing professional, you’re aware of the importance of the female consumer’s purchasing power and the opportunity for big profit. But where do you begin? Marketing consultant and author Michele Miller will present some of the things you should be thinking about when it comes to marketing to women, and will show you ways to attract women to your brand.

Session Key Points:

 » The Third Wave: Why marketing to women is important now and why it’s here to stay.

 » Gender Differences: Men and women are wired differently, which means women process information differently and have a different communication style. We’ll look at which type of communication you should be using.

 » Many marketing to women campaigns don’t succeed because they don’t resonate with the values of a company. We’ll explore how values play an important part, and how to project them to the consumer.

 » To really market to women, you have to understand the stereotypes that surround women today, and learn how to work around those barriers. We’ll touch on the effective development of Personas, which is the key to all good marketing.

 » Women are hooked into technology more everyday. Be sure to keep up with the warp-speed development of new technology, and learn how to use it for your benefit.

Keynote Presentation: “Marketing to Women in the 21st Century”  (Michele Miller)
As consumers and professionals, women have massive purchasing power and the authority to spend it. So why aren’t more businesses engaging them? The time is now for understanding the female market and learning how to connect with women as consumers.

Wizard of Ads partner and author Michele Miller will:

 » Show why “marketing to women” is NOT a fad, and why it’s here to stay

 » Teach the importance of understanding women from the “inside out,” and some of the things you can do to attract women to your brand

 » Explain how every touch point of your business – production, distribution, retail environment and customer service – is connected when it comes to marketing to women, and the simple changes that can make a big difference in profit

 » Discuss the rise of Baby Boomers, new forms of media, and emerging technology that is just beginning to make its mark on the next generation

Join Michele to learn where marketing is headed and how to keep your business competitive in the increasingly cluttered world of advertising. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to transform your business with dynamic, organic marketing that is in tune with today’s woman, and places you light-years ahead of your competitors.

Marketing to Women Online
(Holly Buchanan)
Holly Buchanan shows you how to tap into the incredible power of marketing to women online. More and more women are turning to the Internet for their shopping needs, whether it’s buying a product online, researching a product, gathering important information, or connecting with like-minded individuals. The presentation is full of real life examples, case studies, and proven tips for improving your online marketing efforts.

Session Key Points:

 » The biggest mistakes in marketing to women online and how to avoid them

 » How to turn your website from a brochure to a money making vehicle

 » How to create a successful blog

 » How to create stronger relationships with your email campaigns

 » How to improve your PPC ads

 » How women shop online vs. offline

 » How to create a website that caters to different audience segments – can you say “personas”

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