Kim Krause Berg – Cre8pc

My copy of The Soccer Mom Myth has yellow highlighter and sticky tabs all over the book. The authors write in short chapters, which for a multi-tasking woman like me, made it much easier to take in because I was always interrupted. Their dialog isn’t overly technical. They banter. Show examples. Tease. They make point after point. They shatter stereotypes. They show how to create personas and illustrate how stupid mistakes can kill a sale.

In one chapter, Holly asks, “Can you lose a sale in just two words?” Yes. “By starting out with ‘Dear Sir’”.

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Mary Hunt – In Women We Trust

“For those who haven't explored the inner workings of the women's market, they give you plenty of ideas to kick around, but they save the very best for the last part of the book - word of mouth marketing.

‘A woman values relationships more than almost anything else in her life. This is absolutely key for word-of-mouth marketers to understand. She will not do anything to jeopardize these relationships. She will not pass along information unless she truly trust you and feels your product has the true benefit.’

I totally agree and that is going to become a bigger issue as women question if a product not only has a true benefit, but is truly green as well.

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Wayne Hurlbert – Blog Business World

The authors take a holistic approach to marketing, that considers the individual's needs, within the larger context of marketing language, buyer psychology, and consumer personae. From practical tips on blogging and designing a female friendly website to conducting more insightful market research, the book is a handbook for successful marketing to women.

I highly recommend The Soccer Mom Myth: The New Reality of Marketing to Women by Michele Miller and Holly Buchanan, for any business people who are serious about creating a marketing message that speaks directly to the individual female consumer. The book is a powerful step by step textbook for marketing to women the right way.

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Moms In Business

A new book tells all - soccer moms are a myth. (Some of us already knew this!). “This is not your typical dry business book. It includes politically incorrect views, some unladylike language, and tequila stories. We’re pulling back the curtains for a realistic look at what women really want.”  And I thought I was a mom in the minority enjoying an occasional margarita.

The authors, Michelle Miller and Holly Buchanan, both of whom have extensive experience in the world of professional marketing, have put together a real analysis of today’s female consumer. The book discusses what women buy (both online and offline), what products and services women want, and how female consumers are vastly different than male consumers. Women process information differently than men, and respond to advertising differently than men.

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Chuck McKay – Fishing For Customers

‘Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put two experts on your favorite topic together and let them discuss the topic? Me? I'd have Holly Buchanan and Michele Miller talk about marketing to women.

Michele's Wonderbranding and Holly's Marketing to Women Online are required reading on the subject. They've been sharing the stage in speaking engagements for a couple of years. I've been looking forward to their co-authored book, The Soccer Mom Myth, for most of the last year. It’s been worth the wait.’

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Tami Anderson – andHow To Reach Women

As long-time readers know, we consider mothers the most stereotyped market in the world today and the concept of Soccer Moms was one of the first and worst violations.

After reading the book, I sent Holly and Michele a few questions to further illuminate their perspective.

aH: There have been several books published on marketing to women over the last several years - why write this now? What did you think had not been, or was not being, covered?

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Kelly Anderson – Start Up Princess

Fairy Godmother Holly Buchanan’s (with Michele Miller) book, The Soccer Mom Myth was just released (I’m reading it now!) Grab your copy and learn about what women really want, why they really buy…! Holly and Michele have spent a few years preparing, researching and writing this very important book, if you sell to women (who doesn’t???) READ IT.

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Teresa Morrow – Key Business Partners

Let me ask you a few questions —

Are most of your clients women?

And do you find yourself scratching your head on who they really are and how they buy?

Well, there is now a marketing book that is focus is on the subject of today’s female consumer, who she really is and why she really buys. That book is called The Soccer Mom Myth, co-authored by Holly Buchanan and Michele Miller.

I would like to share with you a few marketing lessons (out of many) I received from reading this book. Some lessons I learned created the infamous, “Aha moments”. Some lessons were reconfirming things that I was already aware of and other lessons I read and shook my head and stated, “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

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Bob Souer – Voiceover Blog

My friends Michele Miller and Holly Buchanan have co-written a new book that’s just been released, called The Soccer Mom Myth. Michele and Holly are two of the brightest and most insightful ladies I know. Whether you are a man or a woman, you’ll find a lot of valuable information in The Soccer Mom Myth.

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This was by far the most enjoyable book I've reviewed so far (unpaid review, fyi.) I really liked it and can see how SEO's and web site designers, as well as usability folks can use the information. The book is an easy read and at times, quite funny.

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Betsy Talbot -

The Soccer Mom Myth by Michele Miller and Holly Buchanan is loaded with information fascinating to me as both a woman and as a business owner who markets to women.

(If you are concerned that marketing to women will alienate your male buyers, this will reassure you: By addressing a woman's more complex consumer needs, you will always make the buying experience better for men.)

The book goes into much more detail and covers Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Persuasion Architecture, and touches on neurolinguistic programming (we all learn in different ways). I recommend buying it so you can work through these chapters using your own website or marketing material. There are plenty of examples to explain the points covered, and the writing itself is informative and fun (who ever thought a marketing book would be fun?)

Since I've just finished my new website it has given me a lot to think about in terms of making it friendlier for all types of women and this book will be dog-eared and worn in no time.

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