In the most provocative book since industry insiders first uttered the phrase “marketing to women,” Michele Miller and Holly Buchanan peel back the layers of the stereotypical view of female consumers to reveal the secret of successful marketing campaigns: understanding and talking to her from the inside out.

Today, female consumers have more power than ever, and traditional methods of marketing and advertising to stereotypes like “Soccer Mom” are failing. Businesses and corporations are now asking:

 » Who is the real female consumer?

 » How do you discover her real motivation for buying?

 » Does a woman process advertising messages differently than a man?

 » How do you create a message that gets her attention and compels her to do business with you?

 » How do you market to women without alienating men?

 » How do men and women use the Internet differently?

 » Which marketing mediums are most effective for reaching women?

 » Why Michele almost punched out a granite counter-top sales person

 » Why Holly spends her holidays in the bathroom

 » And many more priceless insights

Based on extensive research and work with businesses and corporations around the globe, Michele and Holly show why marketing to women has gone mainstream and is here to stay; the physical, environmental, and psychological factors that play a critical part in how and why she buys; and the importance of four different types of female consumers. (You didn’t think all women shop the same way, did you?)

With strategies and ideas that can be utilized both offline and on the Internet, The Soccer Mom Myth is the definitive answer to the question, “What does the female consumer really want?” (HINT: Shouting at her about your low prices and superior customer service isn’t the answer)

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